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Washington IRS Tax Dispute Lawyer
Tax Debt, Litigation and Defense Law Firm

Matthew W. Stanley is a solo practitioner, but one who works with accountants and investigators when the case requires it. His firm offers broad services to confront the complexities of federal and state tax disputes and related problems. He focuses on helping clients navigate the minefield between audits and solutions. He cares about his clients and their welfare. 

Sound Counsel and Trusted Tax Law Representation

With an extensive record of service and results, Matthew W. Stanley is recognized by his peers and clients for his ability to resolve state and federal tax problems. When faced with a tax dispute, Matt employs his skill, experience and dedication to achieve the best possible outcome for every individual, family or business client. His firm should become your partner at the critical audit stage, and work with you through negotiations, administrative proceedings, litigation, tax appeals, compromises and settlement, the collection process, as well as any criminal tax matters.

The Law Offices of Matthew W. Stanley offers:

  • Sound counsel and guidance to quickly address your immediate and long-term tax issues
  • Strategic and aggressive advocacy focused on protecting your tax rights and financial well-being
  • Personal and business tax solutions designed to achieve the earliest possible success
  • A diligent, hardworking attorney dedicated to optimal results in every case

Leading Tax Resolution Attorney

Matt has more than 40 years of legal experience handling tax disputes — initially on behalf of the IRS and, since 1982, serving clients in the private sector. Also, he has invested many years defending taxpayers against criminal tax investigations and charges. Understanding that most litigation is contrary to clients' best interests, Matt works hard to resolve cases early through negotiation and settlement. Matt is a tireless and skilled communicator, capable of protecting your rights and articulating your position to accountants, lawyers, government officials, law enforcement personnel and judges.

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