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Administratively Appealing Your Audit and Tax Disputes

After a tax agency's initial decision that you owe additional tax, interest and perhaps penalties, you will normally have the opportunity to pursue one or more "administrative appeals." These represent internal agency hearing procedures that allow an agency to receive additional evidence and to review and reconsider its initial tax decision. Similar review remedies are available in the event the authorities decide to move against property with liens, seizures and garnishments. The choice of administrative options in the tax context requires an experienced and trusted tax law attorney. 

At The Law Offices of Matthew W. Stanley in Tacoma, Washington, we offer strategic counsel and advocacy involving state and federal tax administrative appeals.

Personal and Business Tax Appeals Attorney

We are experienced in identifying the best means of requesting that the IRS or state tax agencies review the decisions of their auditors, collectors and other frontline personnel. We will take the time to review your individual case and determine if you have an opportunity for a successful administrative appeal. Our attorney has more than 40 years of experience in contesting additional taxes and tax collections. We will always provide you with an honest and forthright opinion regarding the likelihood of a successful appeal.

The IRS and Washington's Department of Revenue offer administrative appeal remedies to taxpayers who do not agree with the outcome of their audits. Both agencies maintain appeals offices whose basic function is to review the correctness of the audit results and, if appropriate, resolve the case by concession or settlement.

A more informal right of administrative appeal exists. During audits or other tax agency proceedings, we may contact managers or other agency authorities to address pending tax issues, inappropriate collection activity, mistakes, discourteous conduct and other problems.

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