Settling Tax Cases

Negotiations and Tax Debt Resolution

Settling tax disputes by compromise or criminal plea bargaining is a comparatively quick and efficient way to put an end to tax controversies and take control of your life. Whether you are a business owner, an individual or a fiduciary of an estate or trust owing tax debt, working with an experienced tax debt settlement attorney is critical to protect your rights and long-term interests. At The Law Offices of Matthew W. Stanley in Tacoma, Washington, Matt Stanley has years of experience with tax settlements.

When considering tax debt case settlements, you may wonder how much you will have to pay. Do you need an attorney? Can you really negotiate debts down? Is settling better than litigating a particular case? Will entering a plea be preferable to defending against criminal tax charges in court? As your attorney, Matt will take the time to review the individual facts of your case. He will also provide you with the information you need to know to protect your rights regarding tax controversy.

Settling tax debt is often the quickest way to tax resolution.

Tax debt settlements are usually a cheaper alternative to lengthy litigation.

Strategic negotiations may result in a better outcome for you or your business.

Established settlement procedures administered by the IRS through its "offer in compromise" process based on an inability to pay or doubt as to liability provide great opportunity to those who qualify.

With effective negotiation experience and ability, Matt will go to the wall with you to achieve the favorable results you want and need.

Settlement of criminal cases is achieved through plea bargaining and is often the preferred means of concluding a criminal case.

Experienced Negotiator and Tax Settlement Attorney

Our firm offers the experienced advocacy of Matthew W. Stanley, a Tacoma tax dispute attorney with more than 40 years of experience in complex tax debt negotiations and settlements. He represents business owners and entities, nonprofits, estates and trusts, and individuals who owe state or federal taxes, including business taxes, income and sales taxes, and estate taxes. He also represents taxpayers who have made regrettable mistakes and judgments.

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