Tax Collections

Tax Collection Defense and Negotiation

Taxes are normally paid as estimated payments, required deposits or when a return is filed. Interest and penalties accrue when returns or payments are late. You may have received statements and demands from a state or the IRS. In later stages, you may be threatened with liens or involuntary seizures of property.

When you are burdened by tax debt, it is important to take action, as soon as possible, to protect your investments, your personal rights, your business interests and welfare. At The Law Offices of Matthew W. Stanley, we represent personal and business clients facing tax payment and collection problems.

State and Federal Tax Debts
If you owe state and federal tax debts, you may wonder what consequences you face. How much will you owe? How much will you have to pay? How will you pay? Can you negotiate a settlement? Once a tax debt reaches collections, your primary rights and interests are probably at stake.

Confronting tax problems requires strategy and experienced support. Our Tacoma tax debt collection attorney is able to help our clients reach favorable resolutions to tax debt, and prevent or control:
  • Intimidation and harassment
  • Property levies and seizures
  • Wage garnishments
  • Tax liens
  • Other tax collection problems

Confronting the collection process, Matt Stanley can handle all aspects of your case, including identification of computation errors, the organization and reporting of relevant data and other evidence, and the negotiation of payment plans and offers in compromise to reduce overall penalties and debt. We can also point you toward other remedies, such as bankruptcy, which will stop creditor actions and help you protect your property. We offer the skilled representation of an experienced attorney with a solid reputation and record of results in tax law.

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