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When faced with a tax problem, you may wonder if hiring an attorney is necessary. Most tax cases involve at least two critical questions: How much do I owe? How much will I have to pay? Those questions breed others: What procedures should I follow? Will the government be fair? How serious are any errors? How can I settle my liability? Am I at risk for civil penalties or for criminal sanctions?

Whether you are an individual or business owner, a professional or fiduciary, tax questions can become complicated quickly. At The Law Offices of Matthew W. Stanley, our practice focuses on identifying and simplifying the process for fixing tax problems.
We will take immediate action to help you resolve tax problems involving:
  • Federal and state taxes and audits
  • Tax litigation options
  • Settling tax cases
  • Tax collections
  • Criminal liability
Washington State and Federal Tax Audit Attorney

Matthew W. Stanley has more than 40 years of tax dispute resolution experience and is committed to helping clients quickly and effectively resolve tax disputes through negotiation and settlement or, when necessary, litigation. He represents people and businesses who are anticipating or are scheduled for audits, who have filed inaccurate returns or made other mistakes, who have completed an audit and now face significant liabilities, and those who badly need settlement or payment options.

Focused on Effective Resolutions to Tax Debt

Matt takes an individualized approach to every case, understanding that each client faces a unique set of issues and concerns when confronting tax problems. While negotiation and settlement provide a comparatively inexpensive alternative, he is also prepared to go to court when necessary and appropriate. As a seasoned Tacoma tax controversy attorney, he has extensive experience representing clients in state and federal courts, as well as handling IRS and state tax audits, the administrative appeals that normally precede civil tax litigation, and criminal tax defense cases.

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